College and Huron

Toronto’s seven metre wide side streets are becoming quite the theme for this blog. Here we’re looking at the south side of College and Huron in February 2015.

You can see a wide, square sneckdown on the far side of the road. Huron is one way on the south side, so there’s limited car access. Here’s a satellite view, with the sneckdown approximated by the white blob.

Now, a standard traffic lane in Toronto is 3m wide, and that’s generous for anything smaller than a bus. We’ve got 7m of road space to work with, and our sneckdown is telling us we’ve got a lot of space to work with here. Why not formalize a common practice—allowing cyclists to go the other way?

The intersection could look something like this, with a curb extension and a contra-flow bike lane at the intersection:

There are a number of other ways to do this, but the most important thing is to reduce the car lane to standard width. I added the contra-flow bike lane because Huron is two-way on the north side and provides access to a number of university buildings, as well as the Harbord bike lanes.