College and St George/Beverley

Here we are looking east on the south side of College, at St George/Beverley.

Orange lines are curbs. Most of the snow is supposed to be a bike lane, which in the Toronto style doesn’t extend through the intersection. The white line shows where the bike lanes starts again on the far side.

This sneckdown proves that there’s plenty of space for a protected intersection here.
Here’s the current layout of the intersection (orange is curbs, white is bike lanes):

Here are the vehicle lanes extended through the intersection. You can see plenty of extra space around the edges.

Here’s the south west corner pictured above as a protected intersection.

But why not go all the way? Here’s what the intersection would look like if all of the bike lanes going through it were protected.

Photo by Antony Hilliard

Update: here’s another image of the same spot two months later.