Oxford and Augusta (Kensington)

Oxford and Augusta in Kensington Market is a fairly typical intersection of two downtown residential streets. Both streets are one way, so the intersection doesn’t need to accommodate a full set of turn movements.

This photo, looking southeast from the northwest corner of the intersection, was taken approximately eight hours after a snow event. As you can see, only two turns are allowed through this intersection. It’s also a 4-way stop, meaning only one vehicle can move through the intersection at a time. Despite this, both streets are two lanes wide through the intersection.

Away from the intersection, the extra lane on both streets is used for on-street parking. At the intersection, it’s wasted space.

Adding curb bump-outs to the intersection would reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians and create new sidewalk space in a neighbourhood with heavy walking traffic without impacting vehicle flow.

Photo by Matt Worona.