In anticipation of the enormous snowstorm poised to hit this city in the next couple of days, let’s revisit some great sneckdowns from last winter. Here’s a walk down Roncesvalles in December 2016.

1. Hewitt Ave

2. Geoffrey St

3. Fern Ave

4. Galley Ave

These streets all have something in common: they’re one way, but two lanes wide (to accommodate parking). Here’s what Fern Ave and Galley Ave look like from above:

The solution here is to do what the City of Toronto already does, albeit extremely rarely and often very timidly: narrow the street to a single lane at the intersection!

This can be done quickly and cheaply using flexi-posts, which you may recognize from some of the newer downtown bike lanes, like Richmond and Adelaide. Here they are narrowing a corner at Queen and Aberdeen in Hamilton.

Image: Raise the Hammer

The City is getting better though! Check out this panel from the recent Reimagining Yonge plan. Holmes, Olive, and Tolman are all two-way streets, and it looks like they're set to be narrowed to about 6m at intersections.